Monday, 18 December 2017

How Do You Make a Choice Between Matte and Gloss Tiles?

Whether you are building a home or simply renovating the features like tiles, choosing right tiles could be daunting at times. Most of the time people go with the personal taste that they find visually appealing, but there are some other things needs to be considered. Especially, when it comes to choosing one between the gloss and matte tiles, people mostly confuse. In this content, you would find guidance, in brief, to choose tiles according to the d├ęcor-

Gloss Tiles

Gloss tiles are the conventional choice that people prefer since ages. Gloss tiles have the smooth surface that reflects the light. On the other hand, it makes your bathroom look brighter as well as spacious. Here are the benefits you will get.

  • Bathroom looks spacious: If your bathroom is comparatively smaller and have no window for natural light can get the brightness by installing glossy white floor tiles. Well, make sure to choose the same tiles for walls or paint it with the same colours of floor tiles.
  • Increase the resell value of the property: If you are looking forward to selling your residential property, all-white or neutral bathroom act as a spotless canvas. The buyers would find it easy to visualise the small things easily.
  • Timeless choice: The glossy white bathroom tiles go timeless due to the simplicity it bears. All-white bathroom tiles act as a blank canvas that let you add some colourful items like plants, pebbles, etc. to make the place charming. You can add the appeal by working on tile shape and grout colour.
  • It is cost effective: As the white tiles are in demand for a long time, products are usually found in stock that makes them affordable in turn. Porcelain bathroom tiles in Perth are available in large variety of shapes and shiny looks that evoke the features of your bathroom.

Matte Tiles

Matte tiles are considered as the best for larger bathrooms, and some people like to achieve the rustic look using the matte tiles. Apart from bathrooms, matte tiles are the ideal choice for living area flooring. The matte tiles are easily combined with gloss tiles to create a better effect on bathroom floors.

However, outdoor areas are preferably tiled with the matte tiles to make it a durable and to avoid the slippery effect. Well, apart from considering the visually appealing choice, find if the area requires a grip surface or not. Whereas the open spaces like swimming pool need a surface, which is a slip resistant and matte tile are suitable there. Did you know unpolished or matte finish porcelain tiles are the perfect flooring option to give grip-like finish in both dry and wet environment?

Now when concluding, you shouldn't base your choice of matte or glossy finish on the aesthetic alone. There are pros and cons related to durability, maintenance, safety that you should consider when choosing tiles. As some designing tips, use large tiles for floors and small tiles for walls that could add the element of interest to your space. When selecting the grout colour for the bathroom floor, match with the grout colour of the wall tiles.

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